We do build the air handling units.

A-Climax offers the only part frame construction among the air handling units, which is the summary of the positive characteristics of both frame and frameless constructions. It consists of rugged modular panel, cap and profiled elements, which will connected with removable screw fittings exclusively. No welding. This offers an extreme flexibility on measurement (including vertical units possible), maintenance  and respectively on an optional modification.

Essential characteristics of our units:

The same basic construction from 1.500 m3/h up to 500.000 m3/h, insulation is mineral wool, 80kg/m3, thickness variable from 40 mm up to 100 mm.
The standard skin is galvanized steel respectively galvanized steel powder coated outside (RAL 9010 white). As required other variations are possible: INOX steel, aluminium – e.g. at static problems on building) or powder coating of the inner surface.

Due to the comparatively higher thickness respectively a good insulation, the unit have very good acoustic insulation values. Acoustic insulation: 37 dB for 40 mm standard wall.

As first manufacturer we have the elastic connections to ducts made of special 40 shore rubber and also rubber bedded screw connections - so optimal heat and acoustic insulation on those points too.

Really stabile construction – the standard version is tested and calculated up to 2500 Pa pressure difference. The floor panels are self stabile construction - you can walk on it without additional grills. The floor panels build an own support frame construction to stay on. Especially smaller units need not a separate support frame.
A speciality of A-Climax is an as floor panel integrated inclined panel, which under the cooler, humidifier - or optional at the whole unit - is used. The condensate drain is integrated in the part frame profiles.

All elements (as fan, heat exchanger etc.) extractable on rails. Our stayer profiles can also remove easily. Thereby you have an unlimited  entrance to all elements. By request will integrated crane pull-out rails built in.
Permanent revision side on both side of the unit are also a standard solution.

We build optional (safety) on the pressure side doors, which open inside.  Sluices for entrance during the operating are available.

All accessories are silicon-free and non-aging. Door hinges are three-dimensional adjustable. 

Only top quality elements from West-European supplier will built in.

Attractive design – optional special colors.


A-Climax offer to you the most well-engineered construction solution for big industrial air-process centres for indoor or outdoor units, optional with operation corridor. Different roof constructions are possible.


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